Thursday, 28 August 2008 17:57

The Gospel According to Oprah Transsexualism for Kids

Written by Dr. David Kyle Foster

Don’t you just love Oprah . . . . so stylish, so friendly, so reasonable, so sensitive to the feelings of others . . . . well, that is, those she allows on her show. 

As with the rest of the media elite, (seen nightly on CBS, ABC and NBC news), what you often witness these days is a carefully crafted infomercial for themselves and their pet doctrines. For example, you will not see a show devoted to those who have come out of the gay lifestyle. Nor, it seems, will you see one with people who have emerged from the hell of transsexualism. Oprah has decided that it is okay now, even it seems, for the youngest of children.

I know I’m entering territory at least as dangerous as when I recently spoke the truth about the Judas Church. In fact, dissing Oprah is far more dangerous territory. She has for seventeen years daily molded and programmed viewers to trust her every word. It’s rather cult-like in a sense, and you see it best when someone dares to disagree with Oprah.

On Wednesday, May 12th, Oprah aired what can best be described as an infomercial for transsexualism. One of her guests was a young girl (maybe all of 7 or 8 years old) who is now living as a boy. Her second guest was a father who has divorced his wife and left his four children to live as a woman. And her third guest (videotaped) was a young boy (maybe all of 6 or 7 years old) who would be living as a girl if not for his mean old father who won’t let him. The father sat on stage and was lectured by a psychologist of some sort who supports and apparently promotes the idea that any child who feels that they should have been the opposite sex should live as though they are the opposite sex. 

It was all masterfully crafted and an outrage. It was a perfect example of the foolishness that emerges when men start to believe that they know better than God (Rom 1:22), the arrogance that comes wed to wealth and power (1 Tim 6:9,17), and how the ruler of the powers of the air (Eph 2:2) comes as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:14), using, in this case, the media to destroy human lives. I do not believe it was a coincidence that the mean old father, as if on cue, was converted to Oprah’s position, and finally declared that he was going to start buying dolls for his son.

The gospel we saw preached on Oprah that day was the gospel of “if it feels right, do it!” It was a gospel of “do what your child feels is right rather than what is right for your child.” The message that kept being trumpeted over and over throughout the program was that to be true to him or herself, a person must obey his or her feelings - that feelings are the source of truth - they tell you who you are and what you must do. So if you feel gay, or like a woman trapped in a man’s body, then you must act according to your feelings rather than according to the Word of God.

In Gal 6:8a, the Bible tells us very plainly what happens when we we do that: 

For the one who sows to his own flesh shall from the flesh reap corruption.

It’s the Garden of Eden all over again, as Eve decided to go with her feelings rather than God’s expressed will.

Another message delivered that day from the gospel according to Oprah was that if a person has a physiological cause to their predilection, it is thereby sanctified, and they now have full permission to act on it. This is another huge mistake. Since we all possess a natural predilection to sin in a myriad of ways, (-e.g., alcohol & drug abuse, sexual promiscuity, idolatry, anger, unforgiveness, etc.), Oprah’s philosophy has only one ultimate end - hedonism. Though she comes as an angel (messenger) of light, looking so fine and sounding so informed and sensitive, what she is really preaching is a gospel of hedonism. That is not how she presents it, but it is the natural end to what she is modeling and teaching the world. And all those who fall into her funnel of loving feelings are being channeled straight down into Hell.

The greatest deception on the program was how Oprah and her psychologist guest made it appear as though research had already proven the goodness of sex change operations and related procedures for children, when in fact, that hasn’t even been demonstrated for adults. In fact, just the opposite has been found. Exhibit “A” is John’s Hopkins Hospital, the world-renown hospital that pioneered sex change operations several decades ago and which abandoned them because the data was showing major problems with the long-term outcome for such procedures.

Unfortunately, in the gospel according to Oprah, feelings always trumps truth, so there would be no balanced report on her show that day. This was a carefully crafted infomercial for transsexualism. There would be no world-class experts to inform the public of the danger and disaster behind transsexual hormone treatments and sex-change operations. There would be no former transsexuals on the program to report on the travesty of such procedures and the long-term damage they will have on a child. There would be no experts on faith and morals who could testify to the eternal consequences that such actions would have on the future of those led down such a path. In fact, there would be no true experts on her program at all.

I’m sure Oprah had all the best intentions in the world. But as we are learning in Iraq, good intentions do not always produce positive results. I was deceived once: following a guru, believing he was God. But I was sincerely wrong and in peril of eternal damnation. If someone hadn’t prayed for me, I’d still be lost.

Let’s pray for Oprah. She is leading millions into a Christless eternity through her pro-gay, pro-abortion, new age gospel of bubbles, feelings and self-fulfillment. She is beyond the “Judas Church”. She is profoundly deceived. And pray for the children who were on her show that day. They need someone who loves them enough to tell them the truth about feelings and about the power of God to heal the wounds of body and soul.

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