Overcoming Masturbation (Below)

If you desire it, God has made a way of escape for those who want to overcome masturbation, as He has for every other sin. Overcoming masturbation is not impossible when it is God who keeps you from falling. (Jude 24) Although the Bible doesn’t mention the practice directly, besides one’s conscience, one can see that it runs counter to His plan for sexual expression by studying the model for sexuality laid out in Genesis 1 & 2, Ephesians 5 and other biblical passages. (See our article called, “Breaking the Silence on the “M” Word”).

Religious people have put a silencer on an issue that must be openly addressed if people are to be free to overcome masturbation. Silence and denial only generate shame and self-condemnation.

The Church has all too often left the subject of masturbation on the shelf in the dark as if it was just a “dirty little habit” not worth addressing. Keeping the issue in darkness, however, allows it to be used by Satan and is playing right in the enemy’s hand. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy; masturbation is one of the weapons that he uses to put people in bondage to shame, immoral fantasy and sexual addiction. Darkness surrounding the topic of overcoming masturbation keeps people isolated and alone. The shame of the enemy along with the condemnation and the fear of being found out are overwhelming.

The enemy uses isolation to cause people to feel that they are the only ones struggling with overcoming masturbation and that they are alone in their secret cry to God for the biblical tools to overcome masturbation. This is simply a lie of the enemy. You are not alone! The discouragement and pain of continuous failure fuels many to continue in the bondage of masturbation rather than breaking free.

Masturbation is a bondage that is not only habitual, but is often compulsive and out-of-control, as seen in these statistics:  45% of males and 33% of females engage in masturbation to the point of personal physical injury.

Modern medicine claims that masturbation is healthy and natural and has tried to convince the Church to teach the same. However, any doctor will tell you that there is no scientific basis for the idea that sexual release of this sort is necessary. Masturbation is, in fact, addictive and habitual and can be overcome through a partnership with Christ, where He teaches us the true meaning and purpose for human sexuality, heals us of those issues that incline us to find pleasure in order to cover pain, and empowers us to overcome strongholds and habits that are not His will for our lives.

With God’s help, you can break free and overcome masturbation. Overcoming masturbation is possible as you appropriate the power of deliverance made available through the Cross. Jesus declared, “It is finished!” and He has given you the power to overcome every sin and bondage, in partnership with Him, including the ability to overcome masturbation. Enjoy reading the articles on overcoming masturbation and find the help that you need to overcome!