Overcoming Homosexuality:  A Spiritual Perspective (Below) 

Overcoming homosexuality is a heavy topic in modern society. Many people say that you are born either homosexual or heterosexual and that you have no choice but to be who you were made to be. Because of this stance, many people feel bound by homosexuality and they feel as if God has tricked them by creating them homosexual while at the same time declaring in His Word that homosexual behavior is an abomination. This has brought much confusion to those desiring to walk in right communion with God.

They needn’t be confused, however, because even though God did not create anyone to be gay, He nevertheless has made a way of escape for those who find themselves inclined to one sin or another. (1 Corinthians 10:13) Overcoming homosexuality is achievable through the power provided by the blood of Jesus Christ.

We cannot overcome homosexual confusion simply through our will. Our sexuality is developed from the time we are very little. Sexual brokenness such as homosexual confusion can be caused by experiences of trauma and/or neglect during childhood – things over which we have no control. It is not God's will for anyone to be trapped in homosexuality, however, so He has made a way of escape for those who want to be healed. It is God's will that we seek Him and use spiritual tools for overcoming homosexuality.

Two very powerful spiritual tools provided for us are the Word of God and the Spirit of God, who enlightens our mind to the meaning found in God’s Word. As God applies the truths of His Word to the broken, but yielded places of our lives, healing comes and our natural heterosexuality emerges from its dormant and/or damaged place deep inside. In such moments, we realize that we had never been homosexual, but rather possessed the natural heterosexuality that God places within everyone. Only in us, it had been damaged or unformed for one reason or another.

We also overcome by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony. (Rev 12:11) “Likewise reckon ye also yourselves to be dead indeed unto sin, but alive unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” (Romans 6:11).  So faith and personal witness is a vital part of the transformation process.

Many people have used the Word of God to bring condemnation on homosexuals rather than as a vehicle of grace and a tool that empowers the overcoming of homosexuality. The Word of God is designed to bring deliverance and conviction - not condemnation. Learning what the Word of God says about homosexuality and what it says about all other forms of sin will empower people in overcoming homosexuality.

God and His Word cannot be separated; God is one with His Word. (John 1:1) When we dig deeply into the Word of God, we see that the Bible talks of freedom from sin that is available through identifying with Jesus in His death and in His resurrection. “Knowing this, that our old man is crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be destroyed, that henceforth we should not serve sin. For he that is dead is freed from sin. Now if we be dead with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him: Knowing that Christ being raised from the dead dieth no more; death hath no more dominion over Him. For in that He died, He died unto sin once: but in that He liveth, He liveth unto God.”  (Romans 6:6-10)

Doubt and confusion about overcoming homosexuality often comes into play when people are faced with the challenge of walking according to the Spirit and not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh. (ref. Galatians 5:16) People are afraid of dying to self. (ref. Romans 6:6) But like Christ, it is only in dying to self that we find true life. There are many other spiritual truths that lead to overcoming homosexuality, or sinful tendencies of any kind. Rest assured, the walk to freedom is a journey that is well worth taking. Along the way, don’t forget to reach out and take the helping hands of other more mature Christians who can encourage you in the goal of overcoming homosexuality.